PT. POLYCOLOR MASTER BATCH MANUFACTURE  has given a lot of color in the plastics industry needs in Indonesia, since May 20,  2006.
The presence of colouring materials companies of all kinds of plastic-based products has been handling the needs of small-scale industrial colour, medium and large with extensive and diverse products.

We produce any plastic products, from daily necessities, food equipment, furniture / furnishings, electronics, packaging, automotive components, etc.
We understand the need to detail the color you want, close to target your marketing objectives with charming colour, strong in quality and image you want to share to your best customers.

25 years & counting…


PT Polycolor Prima Perkasa

Jl. Jababeka XVII A Blok V No. 83B
Cikarang Industrial Estate, Bekasi 17530, Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 8984 0297 / 8
Fax : +62 21 8911 0986
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